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Richard A. Bird
34 Bartlett Lane
P. O. Box 332
South Thomaston, Maine
(207) 594-0728
Mobile (207) 249-8380


A senior management, consulting, sales or Web development position utilizing my strong entrepreneurial, management, organizational and computer skills gained in the hospitality, energy, and printing industries.

Management Skills

Extensive employment experience within small and large organizations, both existing and start-up.

  • Owner,, an Internet Presence Provider, offering Internet web site hosting, e-commerce, and design services to several dozen widely varied clients.
  • Manager/operator of The Pearl, Rockland, Maine, a 140 seat seasonal restaurant, lounge, and marina. Developed and implemented a business plan to successfully raise start-up capital, hired and trained staff of 35 employees, and completed first year's operations on budget. The lease was terminated early because of the landlord's being foreclosed upon.
  • Builder and property manager of four motel complexes. As a franchisee of Day's Inn and Ramada Inn, annual revenues from the 550 rooms and four restaurants increased from inception to $2.5 million per year, and all units were profitable.
  • Production manager of a large commercial printing and business forms company. Responsibilities included switching the company from lead to computerized photo-typesetting and graphics.
  • Converted a privately owned oil and gas company ($8,000,000 in assets) to a publicly traded company, fully registered with the Securities Exchange Commission.

Computer Skills

A power user with extensive knowledge of PC and MAC based desktop computer systems, and expertise in the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, MS SQL Server
  • Apple OS X Snow Leopard and iPhone iPod Touch interfaces
  • Microsoft Office 2007, including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint.
  • Intuit products, including Quicken, Quickbooks, & Turbo-Tax
  • Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat
  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome and Safari browsers
  • Web site hosting, design, and implementation.
  • Network administration for small business networks, utilizing Windows Servers
  • Desktop publishing and layout skills from commercial printing pre-press and typography environment.

Consultant and trainer for individuals and groups, including law offices, marinas, restaurants, and marketing consultants. Developed and wrote applications for use in:

  • Restaurant operations and accounting
  • Petroleum engineering and natural gas well reserve determination
  • Hotel and airline reservation databases
  • Oil and gas accounting
  • Travel agency administration and accounting

Accounting Skills

Prepared budgets, financial statements, financial models, projections, business plans and tax returns for companies and individuals.

  • Principal in three fully registered S-1 security offerings (IPO's) with the Securities Exchange Commission.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of a publicly traded OTC company with full responsibility of reporting to the SEC.
  • Financial manager for a partnership of 205 individual investors in natural gas properties, handling all financial matters for the group, including receivables, payables, and tax form preparation.
  • Former licensed financial principal in NASD broker-dealer


1995-Current — Computer and Internet presence consulting, Windows based business and accounting applications, and networking
President, Nacre, Inc., Rockland, Maine, operator of The Pearl, a seasonal restaurant, lounge, and marina complex
President, Trans-Link Systems, Inc., Denver, Colorado, a provider of air travel arrangements to hotels in western ski markets
Vice President and Director, U. S. Mineral & Royalty Corp., Denver, Colorado.
Independent oil and natural gas exploration, drilling, and production in Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, & Colorado.
President, SFM Corp., Atlanta, Georgia, motel, restaurant, and resort real estate management
Production management, American Business Products, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, a producer and marketer of printed material used in business applications


Bachelor of Science, Industrial Management, Georgia Institute of Technology





Written in 1997

Richard A. Bird
P. O. Box 332
South Thomaston,. ME 04860

Here's my resume in HTML. You should be reading this on one of any number of Web Browsers that are available today. The resume was prepared in several formats, starting in Lotus Ami Pro and then transferred over to Microsoft Word for Windows, then to straight ASCII, and finally HTML. As far as I'm concerned that about covers the gamut of available ways to present a document electronically. It was an interesting exercise, and as usual I learned a lot in the process.

A brief narrative seems to me to be in order if anyone who does not know me is reading this, and is trying to figure out who and what I am.

I am a "Military Brat" who has deep roots in the South, and particularly the State of Georgia. After graduation from Georgia Tech in 1963, I started working for Curtis 1000, Inc., a subsidiary of what is now American Business Products, a large NYSE printing company. I spent two years in an intensive management training program, before taking on the task of centralizing and automating the graphics and typography departments of the entire company (ten remote divisions producing $50 million of printing sales at the time, now in excess of $600 million).

We successfully converted the company from the old molten lead and rubber plate process to the electronic and photographic processes still evolving today. As such I was a pioneer in the graphics arts conversion of what today is known of as Desktop Publishing. We worked primarily in machine languages and paper tape driven devices which eventually turned to the desktop computers of the 90's, but the fundamentals of good design remain constant.

I also spent two years in production management with full production management responsibility for an envelope imprinting plant and a continuous business forms manufacturing plant, each employing 75+ employees.

In 1971, driven by the confiscatory 70% federal income tax bracket, I started my own company involved in resort real estate; hotel, motel, and restaurant property management; and oil and gas exploration and production. The common thread to these ventures was the income tax advantaged nature of the capital investment.

In 1975 I associated with a group in Dallas, Texas, Geochemical Surveys, Inc. In 1981 we moved to Denver, Colorado, and merged with US Mineral and Royalty Corp. In the 13 years that I was involved with the companies, we raised over $20 million dollars in drilling capital from over 200 investors and participated in over 250 successful drilling ventures as well as 40 dry holes. Although the company was sold in 1988, I continue today to handle the accounting and investor reporting for the remaining properties covering 16,000 acres in the Rocky Mountain region of the US.

The company used a proprietary method of near surface soil sampling and analysis developed by the Soviets and used as their primary search tool in oil exploration. We maintained a database of over 60 million acres of petroleum exploration records, and did business with the DOE, the governments of Mexico (PEMEX) and Norway, several major oil companies, as well as large individual investors.

In 1981 I bought the earliest IBM PC (16k memory, a cassette player and a 320k floppy for storage, a 300 baud modem, and running DOS 1.1, VisiCalc, and a database program), and wrote all of the programs for general well accounting, well reservoir determination, and investor tax reporting. I either had to teach a computer person the oil business or learn the computer business, and I choose the later.

In 1988, I along with two partners, started Translink, an ARC Travel agency with six agents in large Western Ski Resorts, providing the resorts access to the airline databases, and agents selling package air travel arrangements. I developed PC based applications to interface with the airline database systems, and to handle communications between the main office in Denver and the remote resorts. This venture has evolved into a current project, rewriting the existing software in Oracle, and marketing to 1-800 marketers.

I have become expert and consult regularly in PC based windows systems. I decided in 1990 that the world would eventually follow Bill Gates and Microsoft, and that proved to be correct. I work regularly with clients setting up complete small networked systems and provide training and support later.

In 1995 I decided to go a different direction and open the Black Pearl, now called simply The Pearl. It is a 140 seat restaurant and lounge on the harbor front in Rockland. That project is now dead.. You can read the latest about it from the above link or from my web page.

Keeping up with and the dozen or so other domains I am webmaster for keeps me pretty busy nowadays.

Added in 2008

I now list my occupation as retired, though that is hardly the case. I continue to prepare tax returns for a few dozen clients, help several fishermen with onboard computers and GPS systems, design and maintain a few websites and Internet domains, and generally consult and help friends and clients with computer related issues. I managed to hold on to oil and gas royalty interests in Wyoming that provide me with a modest income stream, and I am drawing Social Security Retirement benefits and am covered by Medicare, so I appreciate all of you who continue to work and pay into that system to support me.

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