In 1952 I moved with my parents to Itazuke Air Force Base, located on the southern island of Japan, near the city of Fukuoka. It is in this area that they make clay figurines which are commonly called Hakata Dolls. My parents collected these and I now have part of that extensive collection. I remember going to the maker of these dolls and being given a tour of the facilities, but you know how much attention a ten year old would pay to that.

My friend, Dave Hastings, was kind enough to photograph some of my collection, and I am posting these photos here to share this beautiful art. I've also gotten a few photos from HakataMike who I contacted with an Internet search, and have included those here. If anyone has anything to share about this art form, I'll have a discussion group elsewhere on this web site... here's the link.

Close up of Lantern Man


Lantern Man


Story Teller


Sake Man


Man peeling an Orange

Tea Drinker


Close up of Tea Man

Tattooing Hurts!
Any way you look at it!