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by Cadillac

In late 1975, Cadillac announced that they were making the last of the real convertibles. Since that time, most all cars made as convertibles are essentially hardtops with the top removed and converted to a convertible. If you know and appreciate the convertible automobile you understand this.

I purchased this car new for $12,500, and watched the prices go as high as $35,000. The motor has been recently replaced after 135,000 miles, and she is in good mechanical shape, but the top needs to be replaced.

Full tan leather interior complements the dark brown paint, and it does not get any better than a tour through the countryside in this vehicle.

I was letting her go for $5,000, but she's no longer for sale. I guess it will just be my coffin.

Update (December, 2007): I would sell her, and quite reasonably, to a good home. She is in good shape, but I am lusting after a new, high tech convertible to take me once again to the limit.