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New I have assembled here a source for books about the Wyeth family. This represents most of what is in print as best as I can tell. Just click on the various links to see more about each book. Purchases are through, the earth's largest bookstore. If you enjoy Wyeth art you really should buy a few of these books.

Andrew Wyeth

"Christina's World", 1948,
Tempera on Panel, 32 1/4"x47 3/4",
Museum of Modern Art

"Braids", 1979
Tempera. 16 1/2" x 20 1/2"
Private Collection

"In the orchard", 1973
Watercolor. 23 5/8" x 18"
Private Collection

"Knapsack", 1980
Watercolor. 21 1/2" x 30"
Private Collection

"Winter 1946", 1946

"Dodges Ridge", 1947

"Under Sail, 1982
Watercolor, 21" x 29"

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"Leaving", 1993,
Drybrush and Watercolor, 27 1/2"x19 5/8"