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A few years ago I set out to learn HTML, the language of the Internet. I believe I now qualify as an expert in the language, but I find it becoming more and more invisible lately. These pages are the results of those efforts, and this web site is nothing more than a compilation of my electronic life to date. Over the years as new technologies have became available to me, I started making pages with more animations, server-side interactivity, and multimedia to learn how to integrate those technologies into HTML pages. So, I took pictures I like, of people and things that I like, sprinkled in a poem or two, added a little information everyone needs to get to like Internet searches, and I have a site that works for me.

I get bored with the look and feel of this site about every three or four years and make changes to it, but its basically the same old stuff...just a tool to help me build better commercial sites, and a way to let people know what is happening to me from time to time.

So, look around, hack some code, learn some different technology, and, please, let me know if something does not work as you expect. I'd like to fix it, or understand why, at the very least, it is "broken" Check below for links to sites where the various client side "players" can be downloaded.

Also, if you are buying things on the Internet, I have made affiliate relationships with several vendors. Please use the links below or at my search page if you are shopping for any of these related products.

This site does not intend to infringe on any copyrighted material. Its intention is to present information for personal use. Should anyone feel his/her copyright is violated, please inform me via email


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